Thursday, August 28, 2008

Update 8/28/2008

Hi friends,

A while back Tom created this very cool video of his last radiation treatment. I was unable to load it onto the blog (user error!) at the time. With the help of webmaster Gerry Manacsa it is now loaded.

Please enjoy the visual of what Tom is about to start again (ironic isn't it?).

Love Theresa

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Update 8-27-08

Hi friends,

Well it turns out Tom's cancer cells are quite persistent. They have gone on a voyage and crossed to the other side of his brain. They are trying to set up a neighborhood but luckily we are smarter than they are.

There are four tumors growing. The largest is 1.6 cm which a far sight smaller than his original one which was 4 cm. We are completely lucky that they are on the other side of the brain which makes Tom eligible for radiation. He will start another 30 days of treatment within a week or so to knock the life out of those little buggers.

I must say the yucky cells are getting annoying so please focus your thoughts and prayers on a complete and total cure for Tom. We are wishing for a total cure by Christmas and to do that we will need your help.

Of course we also have great help from Tom's doctors and associated team. Here is a picture of Tom getting an infusion of Avasin which is new drug designed to stop leaking blood vessels (a side effect of both tumors and radiation necrosis). It went well.

Tom is happy, staying fit, working way too many hours, and sleeping well at night. We are blessed.

Love Theresa