Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Update 4/29/08 update

Well radiation started today. Day one of 33. Or is it Day 1 of 33. Guess I'm tired if I can't recall my grammar.

Anyway it went fine. Tom has two great women helping him during the radiation (and another if I may be lacking in modesty....sitting in the waiting room).

So here is what happens:
1. They lay Tom on a table.

2. They place the mask on his precious head and attach it to the table.

3. They zap him for about 15 minutes. During this time he can listen to his IPOD through their stereo. I'm guessing there was some old Zepplin in the mix.

4. .. and they watch him the entire time on four cameras.

5. They let us go home.

I'll be going with Tom all week and we will see how he reacts to the external beam radiation treatment. Perhaps after that he can go alone.

As I mentioned earlier he will go for 33 treatments which takes over six weeks. We are so blessed to have understanding employers and live near a world class medical center. But I know Tom will be way ready for a beer come mid-June!

Love Theresa

Update 4/29/08

Hi guys,
Radiation starts today.
Yet another chance to kick this cancer's butt. I'll keep you posted.

Love Theresa

Monday, April 14, 2008

Update 4/14/08

Well I did not think I'd be posting again so soon but last week we learned Tom has a recurrence. It is "nodule" as Dr. Kew calls it in the same place as last time. She and Dr. Blacklock (surgeon) both recommend Tom start radiation.

So we get learn something new again. Here is an overview. Tom will get 33 doses of radiation taking place Mon-Friday for about 6 weeks. They will focus on a small area to minimize brain necrosis which is basically killing brain cells. If they keep the area small the risk of long-term damage is small. Also because his tumor is in a fairly safe are there is little risk of motor or sensory damage.

Tom will be getting a custom "mask" made (he is holding a sample below).

Once they make the mask they place it on his head and then attach it to the radiation table. He then rolls under that big 'ol machine and gets zapped. Although the entire process can take 30-45 minutes he is getting radiation for seconds.

Acute side effects may be fatigue and long-term effects may be a cured and happy, healthy long life. Please keep Tom is your prayers.

Love Theresa

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Update 4/1/08

As expected last Friday Tom got his stitches out.

Bless his heart it was a bit painful and not at all fun to watch. I hope this picture illustrates both points.

Unfortunately for those of you that like drama, and fortunately for those of us that really don't...there is not much else to report. Tom is getting stronger and even getting back on the computer. He is starting to work a little from home and will be back onsite at Gothum soon I expect.

Aside from a few more wrinkles I am also doing great (there is a noticeable correlation between how Tom is doing and how I am doing). I'm thinking (and hoping) that this will be the last post for a long while. As these things do change please keep us in your prayers. We remain so grateful.

Love Theresa