Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tom and Stevie

Tom loved music. He loved all kinds of music. Except rap. He especially loved anything blues-inspired. Like Stevie Ray.

As such, there are very few places more appropriate for Tom's pebbles than the Stevie Ray Memorial in Austin, Texas. Thank you Michael, Theresa, and Cris.

From my brother Michael:

Good Morning T-Bear. Theresa, Cris Ann and I went on nice run early in the morning one Sunday in Austin this summer. No crowds. Early start in the dark. Girls chatting the whole way. On our run back following the swim we planned on running past Stevie Ray. Not the route we always take but we wanted to go by before Austin woke up and it got crowded. With Tom’s pebbles at hand we thought a remembrance of and a prayer with him at the SR statue as most apropos. It was just a normal run, probably like hundreds Tom had made. But as Tom knew, there really was no such thing as a “bad” run, especially once it was over!

We gave thanks, asked for him to watch over all us and felt blessed for his presence in our lives and on our run. He really looked like quite the band mate there with Stevie and with his big smile we knew right then his “happy cells” were smiling!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Tom's Pebbles in Minnesota

Our dear friends Jen and Mike Klein took Tom on their family vacation to the lakes of Minnesota.

Jen writes:

This is the channel between Crow Wing 5 and Crow Wing 6 in Nevis, Minnesota. These lakes are two of my most favorite places in the entire world. Michael and the kids and I placed Tom's pebbles here on our annual trip to Minnesota.

Tom is in good company here. There are lots of bass and bluegill as well as turtles, frogs, beavers, and deers. The resident Bald Eagle is currently nesting in the trees at the mouth of the channel. (This year, we got to see him swoop and catch a fish and fly away!) There are gorgeous sunrises, sunsets, and it's the perfect spot for watching a great storm roll in, or for just relaxing and waiting patiently for the fish to bite.

It is not hard to imagine Tom liking this place and it is easy for me to see Tom here -- relaxing on the shore with his feet up and a good book; taking video of the lake as Michael drives the boat; playing with Julia and Sasha in the crystal clear cooold water.

We did not get a decent picture of the picture of Tom and his pebbles but I think Michael captured the beauty of the place and the moment. I am happy that part of Tom is in a place that I love so much and in a place where I will get to visit him every year as will my kids and hopefully one day their kids.

Love, Jen