Friday, June 29, 2007


Good Evening,
Yesterday was another milestone in Tom's healing. We met with his neuro oncologist, Dr. Kew. This is a young, energetic, brilliant woman. We discussed at length the treatment options. Standard protocol involves radiation and high doses of chemotherapy over short durations. This treatment has two significant downsides. The first problem is radiation necrosis. This is a condition that manifests itself six weeks to two years after irradiation and can result in significant mental and physical limitations. Since Tom will be around much longer than two years we are not willing to take that chance.

The second risk is with high doses of chemotherapy. High doses kill the tumor cells but also have a devastating effect on bone marrow, the happy part of our bodies that make while blood cells that fight infection. We are currently not inclined to damage Tom's bone marrow and decrease his ability to produce white blood cells.Therefore we are following a protocol of a mixture of several chemo agents in a low dose over a longer period of time. This is a terrific treatment option and we are very pleased with our choice. As things settle down these emails will become less frequent if things change I'll keep in touch.

Tom is improving every day but please don't stop praying. The next few months are going to be very important and the more spiritual help and love Tom has the better. Until Tom gets his stitches out (1-2 weeks) he will be staying at home so let us know if you would like to stop by. Again, thank you for all your love and support.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Hi Guys,

Here is the Tom update for Tuesday. Today we were able to take quite a little walk along the bayou. It was about a mile and we kept a fine pace. Tom is video taping a lot at home and on our walks and managing to stay well focused. Yesterday Tom got a special present. It was from Bruce and Jennifer and David and Myra. It is a special bear called Marathon Tom and for those that have not seen Tom run the similarity is amazing. Everything from the bandana to the mirrored sunglasses is right on target (although Tom does not technically have skull and crossbones running shorts). Marathon Tom was created specially by our friends and even has a heart that was kissed. We know that now Marathon Tom and our Tom are both blessed.I probably won't send an update Wednesday but Thursday we are meeting with the oncologist and will have news then. Thank you for your continued good wishes and prayers.
All my best --- Theresa

Monday, June 25, 2007


I hate to sound like Pollyanna but things just keep getting better! Tom came home today and is already happier. Before we left the hospital he met with his neuro oncologist and we discussed the upcoming radiation/chemo option. There is a lot to think about but we have a few days. The stitches come out a week from Thursday and then radiation can start. Now I have two favors to ask…1. Please let me know if you want to stay on this list. I am so fine if you don't want to and surely don't want to fill your mailbox! Please let me know if you want to and other wise I will remove you. 2. Someday I am going to make Tom a CD of motivational songs. If you have any suggestions please send the names to me and I will get them from I-Tunes. If the songs make the cut you will be given credit! Thanks again for all your love!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

6.24.07 early

Hi Everyone,

Another day of good news. Tom is strong and happy. His eyes are bright and he is up walking around and laughing. We continue to get great service from the staff and had some wonderful visitors drop in!Tomorrow we will see the surgeon for the first time since the operation day. I'm sure I'll have news late evening! As always your love and prayers are making the difference.


Hi Everyone,

To begin, my apologies for the delay in communicating. I no longer have Internet access at the hospital. Tom continues to do great. After a very short stay in ICU he is in his own room. He is in Main 432 but if possible please call me instead of his room number. That way if he is sleeping I can take a message. He still gets tired easily but is stronger every day. Yesterday Tom had another MRI and although we have not seen the films the early reports are positive. I am at the hospital a lot and can tell you the staff is great. He is getting terrific care. All your prayers are really helping! And speaking of thanks, once again I need to thank each and every one of you, and people that are not on the email list at all (I divided the list into 6 parts so as to reduce the possibility it is going into your spam). Thank you for your love, prayers, flowers, food, doggie care, DVDs, books, food, cards, gift cards and so many other things. Without this support I could not be at the hospital as much as I am. Please continue to pass the good news on (Tom is hearing from people we have not seen in years and is really touching our hearts). Tom has had some great visitors. My Mom and Dad, Michael, Becky, Tommy, Laurel, and Jeffery. The funniest "visitor" yesterday was an entire passel of the breakfast club from our runner group. Tom was about to leave for his MRI so we had 8 or 9 people zipping in and out of the ICU in 2 minute increments. The staff taking pity on us (and being quite amused) let the entire team in together to take the attached picture! Tom was grinning for hours! I'll write more tonight or early Monday.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Hi Everyone,

Just wanted you to know that today Tom had an MRI and CT scan. Good news on both fronts. The MRI showed no change and the radiologist felt the tumor looked like a primary (not an offshoot of another cancer). The CT scan showed no cancer growing anywhere else.So early Friday we are heading into Methodist. Keep your positive thoughts and prayers coming. My sister Cris will send you an update tomorrow! All our best, Theresa & Tom.

Monday, June 18, 2007


Hi Everyone,

To begin I apologize for the group email. Each of you has shown such love for Tom you each deserve a personal phone call. Unfortunately I just can't do that right now so beg your forgiveness. Before I get to the good stuff I also ask if you would review the email list and let me know who I have missed. I assure you it is not intentional. Today we met with Tom's surgeon, Dr. Blacklock out of Methodist Hospital. He has confirmed Tom has a tumor the size of a golf ball in the back of his head on the left side. He believes it is a primary tumor which means it sourced in his brain and did not "float" there from a cancer in another part of his body. He does however believe it is malignant which means it is made of aggressive "bad" cells. The immediate action is palliative medicine to reduce swelling and eliminate the chance of seizures. Tom has been on the drugs since 6/15. Next is surgery which happens Friday. Tom will have surgery Friday morning about 8 am and should be back in the ICU about 6 hours later (lots of prep time in there and some recovery). He will stay in ICU for two days or so and then get his own room. The ICU has limited visiting hours and I'll keep you posted on that as I learn more. During the pre-surgery on Thursday Tom will have a body scan to determine if there is a cancer anywhere else. Friday they will learn the type of tumor and be able to categorize it by type. That is the first time we will have an actual prognosis. We do know that surgery never completely kills tumors but must be followed with chemo and or radiation. Tom is strong, healthy and fit. He has an amazing network of love and prayer. We have every reason to believe he will come out of this great. I promise to keep you posted.

Love Theresa