Saturday, November 29, 2008

Update 11.29.08

Happy belated Thanksgiving. We are up in Arlington, Texas visiting Tom's mom, brother, and his family. It was a lovely few days and we are heading back soon. Since Tom is not driving now I am the chauffeur. It occurred to me on the way up I have never stayed awake that long in a car before!

Monday will be another big day for us. We are heading to TIRR and Tom will have a PT and OT evaluation. From there a therapy plan will be developed to focus on some areas of Tom's brain that have been damaged by the events of the past 17 months and to increase his physical strength. We are both very excited to start this education.

After that we head back to Methodist for another infusion.

Everyday things are getting a bit better. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Love, Theresa

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Update 11.20.08

We have had some very good news. Dr. Kew believes the results of the profusion scan show the mass to be necrosis and not tumor. Dead tissue we can deal with as we then only need to create new pathways to learning...and boy are we working on that!

The Doppler looked good showing no increase in the blood clot and Tom's leg swelling is way down. He now only has to give himself one shot of Lovonox a day instead of two.

And finally the last infusion went well. I starting training to be Dr. Kew's assistant and felt very important. I even held my hands pointing up like they do on tv.

More importantly Tom did not have a bad reaction. It took us a full 10 hours to accomplish all the tests and chemo but we slept in our own bed so life is good.

Next infusion is after Thanksgiving and next profusion scan is in two months. In the meantime we are walking several mornings a week and have seen some amazing sunrises. We continue to be blessed.

Please keep Tom in your prayers.

Love Theresa

Friday, November 14, 2008

Update 11.14.08

It has been two weeks from our last infusion adventure and today Tom is back in waiting for the second. As an added bonus he will have a Doppler scan, a profusion scan, an IV, give blood, and listen to his neighbors argue about shopping at Walmart vs Sears. (She likes Walmart, he thinks Sears has better parking).

Yesterday Tom had his first post radiation MRI. It showed a rather significant mass on his right side. The right as you may recall has had radiation only (as opposed to the left which has had two surgeries and radiation). The MRI makes edema, radiation necrosis, and tumor all look the same. So in spite of all the technology we have no idea what is going on in the big ol' area.

At first we thought surgery was coming along quickly to get rid of the mass but now it seems we will slow down a bit and review the profusion scan to see if we know exactly what is inside and what to remove. The scan analysis will not be complete for a week or so which means a decision on going under the knife is still a few weeks away.

Well the neighbor has moved from Doritos to Cheetos which resulted in a huge belch. Once again I am reminded how $100 for a private room is a really good investment. Tom is snoozing so I am going down for the only comfort "food" I can really count on: Tall cafe mocha, non-fat, no whip extra hot.

Please keep Tom in your prayers.

Love Theresa

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Update 11.4.08

Hi friends,

We have had one heck of an adventure this Halloween season! Tom went in for his chemo infusion Friday night. Ok allow me to clarify. We left for the hospital at 10a.m. and Tom got his infusion at 6 p.m.! But he got it! This is amazing (and not for the weak of constitution). First Dr. Kew removes THREE vials of CNS fluid from the middle of Tom's brain. It is clear and happy looking. Then she infuses Ara-C a cloudy chemotherapy agent followed by two vials of saline.

Tom said he could hear the air bubbles in his head.

The procedure went well but Tom reacted poorly. Sweating, dizzy, sick to his stomach. Apparently the body does not like the removal of its central nervous system fluid and replacing it with cell-killing chemicals and salt water.

The man rebounded however and after a few hours he was well enough to go home and we were in time for the last of the trick-or-treaters.

Saturday was a great day with errands and naps and healthy food. Sunday did not go as well. Tom had a delayed reaction to the chemo was knocked on his butt. Pain, nausea, exhaustion...and it lasted into and through Monday.

I feel like we are in a movie on the bad side effects of chemo infusions. Popcorn anyone?

This morning is better. We are both off to work and looking forward to a calm and and sunny Tuesday.

Please keep Tom in your prayers.

Love Theresa